Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let's Make San Antonio a Compassionate City

To be listed as a compassionate city:
  1. Inspired by the Charter, citizens & leaders convene & organize to make their city a Compassionate City;
   2. The City signs the Charter;
   3. The City publishes its own clear statement of intention & concrete plans to become a city that practices the principles of the Charter.
     The objective of the movement is not to get a proclamation passed by the city government, and it is not to make people feel better about compassion. The goal of the movement is to bring the Golden Rule to life in specific, practical, and measurable ways. We are building a movement for compassion—not attempting to unite city bureaucracies around a slogan. What is decisive is the development of communities of practice, connected through networks at a global level, and leading to emergent change—in short, a grassroots movement for change.

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